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Many people experience music as having a way of touching beautiful places within each of us. Diane's first music CD, called stilling, consists of simple, beautiful, and relaxing original solo piano music. These musical pieces serve as a wonderful experiential tool to assist in coming to a still, inward-focused, and creative space.

Read more about stilling, including Diane's definition of stilling, the liner notes, the stilling creation story, some favorite times to listen to stilling, credits, and purchase options.


What listeners are saying about stilling

"Diane's music on her new CD, Stilling is both simple and elegant. It takes you to a place that is full of light and deep in its stillness. I have found it so comforting, soothing and uplifting to listen to. And I have experienced great shifts in my moods and state of mind after listening to this music. Very uplifting, relaxing, and calming. Thank you so much Diane, for sharing your beautiful gift with us all!" - L.V., Boulder, Colorado

"I feel very relaxed listening to Diane's compositions.....like reading a good book on a quiet Saturday afternoon." - M.O., Emeryville, California



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