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Success Stories utilizing Energy Tools taught in Hello Rose Wellness Classes

"Today I used my Rose Tool with an upset client. It worked great. I stayed on my side of it and allowed my client to have her experience. Because I stayed behind my rose, when she was complete with her drama, I still had my space and was able to bring the conversation to a healing vibration. My client left in a much happier space. And, I did, too! I love my Rose Tool!" - P.Z., Boulder, Colorado


Comments about Clairvoyant Readings with Diane

"My reading with Diane was nothing short of magical.  I felt she was very accurate and read me with such validation and compassion. She was very gentle and gave clear communication that was empowering. Diane also has an incredible ability to say hello to spirit.  I find Diane to be an excellent intuitive and transformational healer and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a spiritual Hello, a reading, or guidance." - L.K., Santa Barbara, California

"I have been transformed immeasurably through Diane' gifts. I feel restored and reconnected to the peaceful inner core of my true nature." - H.S., Walpole, New Hampshire

"Diane's readings consistently help me view my situations on a more grounded level, and then on a more spiritual level, which helps me gain a better perspective of what's going on, and then I know what I need to do." - S.L., Carroll, Iowa

"I love to work with Diane. Even when we're looking at difficult topics, her skill at reading and interpreting what she sees is light and uplifting. And, her great sense of humor supports the whole reading." - P.N.S., Zürich, Switzerland

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Comments about Reconnective Healings with Diane

"Wow, this was better than the drugs I've been taking to relieve the pain I've been feeling for so long!" - T.S., Santa Clara, California

"I was totally skeptical about getting a Reconnective Healing with Diane. My girlfriend urged me to do it. I don't really know what happened because I didn't notice much during or even after the session. It was wierd to just talk to her before and after she did the work. Curiously, I feel a little lighter inside now. Nothing I can put my finger on directly though." - S.S., Pennsylvania

"The Reconnective Healings I've received with Diane were each different. I now rarely experience the stomach trouble that I've had for years. A big chunk of a lingering emotional hurt that used to give me nightmares evaporated, and the "tonsil stones" I've had in my throat all my life are noticeably diminished. I also link this healing with improvement in the broken bones in my foot beyond the healing curve that I had been following." - M.M., Saratoga, California

"I'm almost 85. After I received my Reconnective Healing with Diane, my internist verified that the heart irregularity of more than 2 years duration is completely gone, my urologist gave me a clean bill of health, and my entire attitude to my future is so much better." - D.H.S., MD. Glendale, California

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Comments about Home & Office TuneUps with Diane

"When I contacted Diane about a House TuneUp my dog would not go into the basement alone, and only reluctantly with my son. Bad things had happened to each of my children when they lived down there. We've experienced some really ugly things. I heard about Diane from my neighbor. After a tour, we sat upstairs while Diane talked about what she noticed in the basement. I was startled when we got up after the TuneUp was complete to go look downstairs. The dog ran full speed down the stairs before we even got to the doorway! It feels totally different down in the basement now. Before it was 100% creepy. Now it's 100% like a normal basement. I'm not exactly sure what she did, and I sure am glad I took the leap to hire her. My family now comfortably enjoys our basement again." - P.D., Littleton, Colorado

"Diane did a House TuneUp for me after my husband died. The house no longer has the heavy energy from the cancer hanging around. And, the extra bonus from the TuneUp? No more spiders in the downstairs shower. Go figure!" - K.D., Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"You're amazing, Diane! I've seen a 20% increase since you did my Office TuneUp. And the mystery smell in the waiting room has vanished!" - S.G., DDS, Centennial, Colorado

"Diane did a remote House TuneUp for me. A friend recommended her. My house had been on the market for months with no activity. I was getting frustrated and desparate. Much to my astonishment, the house sold within a week of my phone session with her. She's never been to the house, yet she described the energy and even some of the furnishings quite accurately. I followed her suggestions to shift the energy, and I now am happily living in my new home." - A.M., Lakewood, Colorado

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Comments about Classes with Diane

"My life feels richer each day by using the tools I learned in the Creating Your Personal Power Field Class." - L.B. Denver, Colorado

"I learned some really useful energy tools in this class. I've noticed that they work really - well, let me be clearer, they work really well when I remember to use them. I'm so excited, today I remembered to use my Rose and wear my Words before I walked into the meeting!" - F.J., Aurora, Colorado

“Life to me is a continual process dotted with patterns, always evolving. Everything has a purpose. This class has deepened these realities within me, to see all life – and it’s gifts – with a broader understanding and learning to follow my passions with peace and as practice.” - G.B., Denver, Colorado

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Thank you for allowing Hello Rose Wellness Center and Diane Stillman Moody to support your spirit, wellbeing, and creative expression!

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