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Breathing. Whether we're paying attention to it or not, our bodies are breathing. And, when we do pay attention to our breath, we find we can easily influence it. Some say infinite intelligence lies within the breath. Another perspective, a translation from the two Aramaic words "Alaha" (Sacred Unity) and "Ruhau" (Breath), could be spoken as sacred unity is breath. Breathing. A present time experience.

As living, breathing creatures, we constantly grow and experience new things. At times, we embark on new areas of exploration, whether large or small, which bring a rush of adrenaline as we embrace the unknown. That describes a Next Step. Next Steps can be as simple as finishing the dishes right after a meal (a choice), to as elaborate as selling all possessions and moving to a foreign country (a different choice). Seemingly trivial or life changing, there's a burst of excitement that happens in the body when taking a Next Step consciously.






Hello Rose Wellness Center exists to support you in your experience of coming into the present moment and, from there, taking your chosen Next Steps.

Thank you for allowing Hello Rose Wellness Center to be of service and support to you on your everlasting journey to become all that you truly are.



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